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FIS Program

This program is designed for athletes aged 16 and above who are looking to continue ski racing into U19 or beyond. Each athlete’s commitment to the program will be dependant on personal schedule (balancing education, social life, sport, etc.) and aspirations, but our goal as a club is to provide each individual with high quality coaching as well as training and race opportunities to achieve whatever goals they are striving towards. At the Black Dogs, we want to develop skiers for life. Whether your athlete wants to continue on to the Provincial and National teams, pursue NCAA, or even continue the sport until going to other paths in life, we work to develop strong skiers who are determined to build and improve their skills as confident skiers anywhere on the mountain.

Age: 16 years of age or older – Snow Stars Level 3+


  • Start November 2023 

  • Finish April 2024

  • 9:00AM - 3:45PM finish, 45 minutes lunch 

  • 6 hours on snow

  • Location: Lake Louise Ski Resort




How many days of instruction: Around 90 days

How often we race: 4 to 6 race week ends

Minimum Ski Level: 4+

Athlete to Coach Ration: 4:1


*This is the base cost of our FIS program. Additional camps and races can be discussed with parents and athletes depending on each’s individual budget.

All FIS athletes must purchase a FIS Card to compete as well as a Canada West All Area pass for training and races outside of Lake Louise. We strongly recommend the VIP extension to the Lake Louise Season Pass as well, as athletes can get a greater amount of runs in each training day—especially on busy days at the hill. The club will guide you in acquiring these when you register for our FIS program. 

  • Advanced (FIS): $9740.00

  • Registration Fee (includes the use of Descente ski Jackets) $150.00

  • Add On:

    • November camp. Cost TBA

    • December camp. Cost TBA

    • How often do we race: 4 to 6 week end competition
      Recommended passes: LLSA and COP

Canada Alpine Insurance + FIS Card TBA

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