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A code of conduct has been developed and a coordinated team effort is required for the best possible operation of our programs.

A Code of Ethics Committee is established in order to supervise the Lake Louise Black Dogs Ski Club member’s behavior.



  1. Obey the Skiers Responsibility Code at all times. When free skiing, the athlete will always be under control and at a safe speed so as to not scare or endanger other skiers. Athletes must obey all posted mountain signs and all verbal or written instructions received from the ski patrol, coaches and/or ski area employees.

  2. Participate and commit fully to the training and racing plan as designed by the coaching staff (dry land, on-snow, equipment, diet, rest, etc.) giving 100% to the achievement of their personal advancement plan.

  3. Communicate with the coaches on all aspects of the program and plan and respect the decisions of the coaching staff.

  4. Respect, properly use and refrain from abuse of ski area and other venue equipment and facilities. Become the proud of Lake Louise Ski Area.

  5. Show courteous and cooperative behavior to all coaches, gatekeepers, parents, officials, employees, and customers of all ski areas and other venues during the training and competition.

  6. Refrain from the use of profane language or directing profane language toward anyone at anytime. Behave in the manner that brings credit to yourself, the team and program. Athletes shall be known as the best on and off the hill.

  7. Endeavor to maintain a clean and neat appearance at all times so as to promote yourself, the team, and the community. Wear team uniforms and insignia with pride whenever directed by the coaching staff. 

  8. Show respect for others by always storing skis and other gear in appropriate place.

  9. Understand and accept that any damage caused, directly or indirectly, is the athlete’s responsibility as is reimbursement of property owners, hotel or motel operators, ski areas, or ski clubs for any loss(es) incurred.



  1. Respect all the decisions made by the Lake Louise Black Dogs Ski Club’ staff relevant to your child’s ski development program.

  2. Respect and honor any and all other policies which may be developed and communicated by the Bod or coaching staff.

  3. Communicate in a respectful manner with the program director and coaches as needed on all aspects of the program(s).

  4. In the case of a program or coaching concerns, communicate first to the program director(s) who will guide the resolution process. Parents will refrain from taking program/coaching concerns directly to the coach or interrupting the training plan.

  5. Commit to the specified fundraising activities that form the part of the overall program. Handle any and all financial obligations to the club, association and the ski community in timely and complete matter.

  6. Communicate to coaches or program directors on any personal needs or changes happening in the athlete’s personal life that may affect the performance and behavior.



  1. Set the example and behave in accordance with the athlete’s code of conduct (above) as well as the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation and Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance code of ethics and principles.

  2. Represent the best interest of all athletes.

  3. Coach the athletes in a logical sequence and use all development tools available, respecting the Club program.

  4. Commit 100% to the program and personal achievement of all athletes.

  5. Communicate with athletes on any and all aspects of their personal goals.

  6. Communicate with parents on appropriate aspects of the team and individual athlete programs.



  1. Employ a capable and respected team of professional coaches to direct all programs.

  2. Conduct the affairs of the club(s) in an ethical and financially responsible manner.

  3. Promote and develop the program philosophy for the benefit of all athletes.

  4. Ensure that the program(s) is/are well defined and understood by all parties and is available in a written outline form.


Athletes, parents, coaches and the ski club administration must all agree to the above responsibilities and understand that the Lake Louise Black Dogs Ski Club and member clubs Board of Directors have developed this code of conduct to promote and protect the teams, ski areas, and the community.

All parties agree that any infringement of the above Code of Conduct responsibilities is the grounds for disciplinary action in the form of a punishment period or dismissal for the remainder of the season.

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