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As a group of passionate individuals wanting to provide the best ski programs possible for young athletes, we had to ask ourselves, “What makes a ski club?”. 


For us, the answer to that question was a simple observation: What makes a ski club is the people in it.


At the Black Dogs, we believe in athlete centred programs that are both driven and directed by our coaches rather than a parent-run Board of Directors. This sets us apart from most clubs in the sense that our coaches are able to coordinate training programs that are best for the development of all athletes within the program based off of coaching experience and observation on the hill. Each athlete’s needs can be tended to while still benefitting the group as a whole.


Ski racing establishes skills and lessons that transfer to many different aspects in life; our programs are formed around cultivating these skills and experiences in a way that will set athletes up for future success, even outside of ski racing, and share our passion for this amazing sport in our beautiful home of Lake Louise.

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