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All-Mountain Program

This is a 16 day program for skiers aged 10 years and older. Our program is designed for athletes that are already at an advanced level and are looking to improve their skills in a variety of ways skiing on off-piste terrain.

The goal of the program is to connect local athletes with other athletes in their peer group to allow them to learn how to navigate the mountains in a safe and fun environment. The coaching ratio will be only 7 athletes per coach!  Our primary goals are to instill good decision making when skiing off-piste, including terrain selection, and the ability to adapt to an ever changing mountain environment.  

(Ages 10 and up) – Snow Stars Level 2+


Start Date and Finish date:

Both programs start on the week end of [insert date here] and Finish on [Insert Date Here]

Time: 9:30 am start, 3:15 pm finish, 12:00 – 12:45 (lunch break)

Location: Lake Louise Ski Resort



How many days of instruction:

19 Only Saturdays or only Sundays

Recommended passes: LLSA

Minimum Ski Level: Snow stars level 2+

Athlete to Coach Ratio: 8:1


  • All-Mountain Program: $1,250.00

  • Registration Fee (includes the use of Descente ski Jackets) $150.00

Canada Alpine Insurance $ TBA

Add-on programs include:

  • Avalanche Awareness Course

  • Cat Skiing

  • Kicking Horse Mountain Ski Trip

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