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The Black Dogs started off as a vision between an assorted group of parents and individuals who were brought together by their shared passion for skiing at Lake Louise along with the desire to create a unique yet effective ski racing experience for young athletes. Since then, our club has established its exceptional atmosphere and—with our athlete’s achievements—is starting to grow a name for itself within the the ski racing community of Western Canada. 


With our unparalleled athlete to coach ratio, we ensure that every child in our programming is well looked after and provided the necessary attention each day to excel in numerous ways.


We have a core group of individuals, both on the coaching side and on our Board of Directors who have been with the club since it began and whose hard work, values, and continued involvement is not only greatly appreciated and respected, but also the main reason the Black Dogs has become what it is today. 


Having completed our tenth year of operation, we are very proud to have provided effective ski racing programs for children from around the Bow Valley Corridor and Calgary Area. We look forward to continuing to be a part of the communities we serve, providing a wonderful and enjoyable environment within the ski club for all participants.

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