NG, U12 & U14

Eleven programs are in place for the winter season 2014-15:

  • Puppies NG: a 14 days First time on the snow designed for children 3 and 4 years old (parent assistence required)
  • Fee: CAD $ 300.00
  • Nancy Greene Introduction (and U6a): a 16 day introductory program designed for children 4-6 years old
  • Fee: CAD $580.00
  • Nancy Greene Basic Program (U6b and U8a): a 24 day program designed for children 4-9 years old
  • Fee: CAD $900.00
  • Nancy Green  U8 development: a 38 days development program designed for children 6-7 years old
  • Fee: CAD $1,450.00
  • Nancy Green U10 Program A*: a 40 days advanced program designed for children 7-11 years old
  • Fee: CAD $1,500.00
  • Nancy Green U10 Program B*: a 55 days advanced program designed for children 7-11 years old
  • Fee: CAD $2,100.00
  • Nancy GreenU12 Program* a 55 days advanced program designed for children 7-11 years old
  • Fee: CAD $2,100.00
  • Nancy Green U12 Program*: a 71 days advanced program designed for children 10-11 years old
  • Fee: CAD $2,770.00
  • U14 Program*: a 80 days advanced program designed for children 12-13 years old
  • Fee: CAD $3,200.00
  • All Mountain program: a 18 or 36 days training program designed for children 9+ years old 
  • Fee: CAD $ 700.00 (18 days) or CAD $ 1,400.00 (36 days)

* 20 days Indoor training included.

 VIP lane will be used by our Team on the hill. This means  "no waste of time" at the bottom of the lift and "double real ski time" compare to all the other clubs in Alberta!

Indoor Ski Team Training, Westside Recreation Centre - 2000 69 St SW, Calgary, AB (Only 9-13 years old / U10-U12 and U14 programs): Our experienced trainers will develop custom sport-specific training programs and provide excellent technical instruction for the team. Aspects of training will include: cardiovascular fitness, strength and resistance training, balance and coordination drills, agility and strength components along with flexibility training. (20 days)

The program starts in September 16th and will be conducted every Tuesday and Thursday, at 5:30 PM until November 27th.

This season We are proud to introduce our new World Cup Equipment:

BioMovie a software used by the Italian National Team  in order to analze each individual skier and improve his tecnique (only U14 and U12)

Professional Ski Simulator (used by the Olimpic Slalom Champion Razzoli) (only U14 and U12).

Whisper System in order to communicate in real time with each athleete during the ski training session )nly U14 and U12).



Black Dogs Ski Club


Our goal is to create a unique environment to develop our kids to their full potential.  An environment that is conducive to the ultimate in learning fun which includes a variety of training methods, true beneficial free ski days and team events. We are proud to announce the launch of a new ski club in the Canadian Rockies – Lake Louise Black Dogs.

Our ski club was born as an idea between four friends with the same passion: SKIING.  An Italian guy, Piero Cicalese; a Canadian lady, Stephanie Terrill; a Canadian Former ski champion, Rick Bowie and a Switzerland Coach Andre Schwarz. The group of friends decided to form a new ski club based out of Lake Louise Ski Resort, a mountain they love.

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